Infrastructure Review

A key service provided by IndigoEden is our infrastructure review. Many organisations have organicaly grown over time, as has their infrastructure. We provide a review service to analyse your existing core infrastructure and systems and report on any issues. Potentially saving your company many £000's due to mis-configurations.

Infrastructure Design/Architecture

Architecting and designing your infrastructure is key to enabling your company to operate and grow. Designing solutions to be cost effective and scalable as you grow is key, whether that is internal infrastructure, cloud or a hybrid solution.

Cloud Computing

Determining the correct cloud strategy is key for all companies. The benefits of cloud computing are well known, however you have to ensure it is used in the right way. That is if the cloud is the right solution or whether a hybrid approach would be the best for your company. Moving from internal infrastructure towards the cloud can be a complex task, understanding how to make that transition as smooth as possible is key to a successful migration.

Technical Interviews

We offer a technical interview service that allows you to understand the technical capability of your candidates. Many companies need to recruit staff but don't have the required internal technical knowledge to validate the candidates knowledge and abilities.

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